Cybersecurity Assessments for SMEs

Enhance your SME's cybersecurity defenses with these comprehensive assessment tools designed specifically to evaluate the IT security risks faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We understand the unique challenges faced by SMEs in managing their cybersecurity. To address these challenges, we've developed two distinct checks: one centered on cyber risks and another on measurements. These checks serve as thorough assessment tools customised to meet the specific needs of SMEs. They help you gain valuable insights into your cybersecurity posture and take proactive steps to protect your organisation.


  • EMPOWERMENT THROUGH KNOWLEDGE: We believe that knowledge is the first step of defense. Our checks are designed to empower businesses with a deep understanding of their IT security posture, enabling them to act wisely and prioritise risk mitigation efforts.
  • PROACTIVE PROTECTION: Instead of reacting to breaches, we aim to help businesses proactively identify vulnerabilities. By exposing potential weaknesses and threats, we allow organisations to take swift actions and bolster their defenses.
  • ACTIONABLE RESULTS: Gain practical,  easy-to-implement recommendations to mitigate each identified risk, empowering you and your team with the knowledge and guidance needed to improve your cybersecurity posture effectively.

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IT-Security for SMEs

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Joining Forces to Empower Swiss SMEs


Dreamlab Technologies AG and Gryps AG have shared a long-standing partnership. Thanks to this, Swiss SME customers of the online platform Gryps can benefit from Dreamlab's expertise and many years of experience in this practical guide, in practical webinars and also in articles in the "KMU Aktuell" newsletter. Additionally, Dreamlab offers interested SMEs their services as Selected Partner via Gryps.

The Gryps portal is designed to assist SMEs in the purchase of products or services, while also providing valuable insights to optimise their operations and enhace overall efficieny. By using Gryps, SMEs can gain access to a diverse range of helpful content and services, such as guides, offer comparisons, checklists, and templates.