Vision & Values

Dreamlab Technologies provides solutions and services to help safeguard and protect security-conscious organisations.

For: people, companies and governments worldwide.

Who want to: protect important assets or critical infrastructures.

We offer: innovative worldwide solutions to uphold privacy, freedom and rights that ought to be inalienable and safe from cyber attacks, systematic tools and solutions to reveal attacks, detect, diagnose and prevent intrusion and to objectively measure security.

To: increase and control security across your entire organisation with our integral approach, defend against corporate spies, organised crime, individual perpetrators, and support governmental sovereignty.

Unlike our competitors: our solutions are independent from 3rd parties (vendors, corporations). Using transparent, verifiable Open Standard technologies they are built in our facilities in Switzerland.

Why you can trust us: Dreamlab is a pioneer in the security industry since 1997; we are there since the beginning – and always a step ahead:


  • We define future security standards.
  • We are the leader in large real-time data analysis performance and in large and complex data analytics/cutting-edge forensic.
  • We create objective, controllable and measurable IT Security.
  • We secure your business including your whole supply chain.
  • We provide Swiss made solutions, Swiss standards and quality.


Cybersecurity is a fundamental need for the critical infrastructures of modern society. As we enable governmental, military, corporate and commercial business processes to run smoothly, we contribute to society’s safety. Most importantly, as an independent organization with headquarters in Switzerland, we are helping to sustain a power balance between the leading, global nations and the smaller regions and countries, by providing state of the art technology solutions and services. Our activities consistently foster high discretion and accuracy. Our solutions are objectively verifiable, providing reproducible results.