Cybercrime strikes Switzerland: Vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure of RUAG

According to research by Swiss national TV SRF "Rundschau", cyber criminals allegedly managed to break into the systems of Ruag International, a government-owned company specialising in aerospace engineering and defence.

Hackers leaked a video showcasing, among other things, an email from the CEO to his employees as well as folder names that point to various global projects. Data of the Swiss military is managed by the IT infrastructure, as well as access and monitoring systems of various military installations, making the situation particularly sensitive.

Cybersecurity expert and Dreamlab’s CEO Nicolas Mayencourt was interviewed on Swiss national TV. He expressed his concerns: “All that is needed for a breach to happen is a small security gap in the connection between two applications for cybercriminals to access an entire system”. He considers the leaked video and the alleged security deficiencies reasonable and suspects that Ruag International lacks "a sufficiently stringent and proper cyber security concept". In addition, he believes it is entirely possible that the security-relevant networks of the Swiss military can also be accessed via Ruag International.

Read the full article (in German): https://www.it-markt.ch/cybersecurity/2021-05-20/cybersicherheit-des-ruestungskonzerns-ruag-erneut-am-pranger

Watch SRF’s news clip of 19 May 2021: Swiss army’s dangerous weak points (starting at 37:09): https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/angriff-auf-bundesbetrieb-hacker-dringen-ins-ruag-netzwerk-ein

Cybercrime strikes Switzerland: Vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure of RUAG

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