Our cybersecurity services are independent and product neutral. We offer qualitative support and advices to protect and manage the security of your business processes and critical assets.

Holistic Security Assessments

With a holistic assessment, we can identify possible vulnerabilities and attack vectors than could be used by cybercriminals to generate operational disruption, frauds and corporate brand damage.

Penetration Testing
Mobile App Audit
Source Code Audit
Red Team Services
Smart Contract / Blockchain Audit
Cyber Attack Simulations

Cyber-Incident Response and Forensics

Thanks to the experience gained through our projects at international level and constant research, our team of specialists has the knowledge, techniques and methodologies to counter cyberthreats. However, each business and incident are unique. This is why we dedicate time to ensure a strong collaboration from the very first contact with the client, guaranteeing efficiency and quality in the incident response process.

Threat Hunting & Compromise
Cyberincident Process
Threat Analysis
Security Controls

Expert Cybersecurity Consulting

Dreamlab Technologies offers consulting and advice to organizations, helping to align their strategic cybersecurity plans to the general objectives of each company. Seeking to protect the entire breadth of their technology and information assets.

Strategic Advisory
Business Empowerment
SWIFT CSP Consultancy and Assessment