Audit and Penetration Testing

  • Thorough penetration testing, our hackers position themselves with the intruder’s perspective, fostering insightful and empirical knowledge.

  • The Dreamlab Centre of Excellence (CoE) underlines the company’s commitment to the development of international cybersecurity. The CoE programmes and initiatives focus primarily on applied research aimed at tackling real world challenges faced by today’s Digital World. This includes improvements in the field of cybersecurity, adaptation and development of pioneering new technologies, and the establishment of first-class analysis in the fields of technical audit and cyberdefense solution. Through the CoE, we improve the transfer and exchange of knowledge from our main lines of research for the benefit of global trade and our societies.

  • Dreamlab applies a systematic, concise and in-depth approach based on Open Standard Technologies (OSSTMM) that produces consistent, quantifiable and reproducible results.

  • With a 360° methodology, we analyse all aspects of your IT and cyber infrastructure. This covers information, processes, networks, communication channels, physicalities and human resources.


Additional services include:

  • Hacking: Information Gathering

    Any system that is connected to the internet exposes an organisation’s information that could be used for an attack. This may be details about the technical components in use or information about the physical infrastructure, management processes or the operative hierarchy. Our specialists systematically search any accessible sources.

  • Social Engineering: Phishing / Vishing / Awareness

    Phishing attacks pursue the goal to steal sensitive data such as passwords or other important information. Dreamlab Technologies offers a systematic phishing test. You will discover the readiness of your technical infrastructure to withstand an attack, whether alarm functions, processes and sequences are sufficient, and if your employees are adequately sensitised to this issue. In that regard, our social engineers test the human risk factors within your organisation: the objective is to find out whether outsiders may have unauthorised access to data or physical devices (laptops, mobile phones). This test, carried out by our experts, reveals weak points and enables us to take specific awareness measures, as staff training.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    We carry out an evaluation of potential security problems. System vulnerabilities will be identified, quantified and repair actions will be prioritised. The security inspection is carried out with a vulnerability scan – a technical measurement method. The target system is actively examined for probable security breaches.

  • Mobile App Audit

    Through a rigorous testing process, cybersecurity experts will review and examine mobile apps to test their quality and security.

  • Web Application Audit

    Operational applications are constantly exposed to various threats, therefore representing a security risk for the host. An audit will check the safety of all organisation applications and those belonging to third parties.

  • Source Code Audit

    By means of a highly structured approach, security experts will examine organisation applications focusing on their quality, security and accuracy.

  • Network Audit

    In order to improve security levels we offer specific network infrastructure tests in which the security of individual network elements will be evaluated: Firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), protocols, encryption systems and policies will be examined.

  • Wireless Audit

    A WLAN audit examines wireless communications and appending devices, paying special attention to security and the possibilities of intercepting communications.

  • Rent A Security Officer

    If support and knowledge are required for a long-term assignment, our security experts can work in your company for a defined period of time. The tasks cover security project management, security implementation, incident response and handling.

  • Recruitment

    We offer our support in setting up, training and transferring knowledge to security teams within your organisation. For instance, the setting up of a community emergency response team may be required in case of acute threat, an attack or other dangers.