Cyberincident Response and Forensics



Threat Hunting & Compromise

The Threat Hunting service will identify compromise indicators, providing a clear overview of the probability of your systems being compromised by an attacker, as well as any possible weakness in your network, system and security control architecture. This service is designed to identify targeted attacks (APT).

  • In-depth analysis of your environment, focusing on identifying evidence of ongoing or past compromises
  • Identification of security hygiene issues and threats which could impact your organization
  • Provision of a recommendations roadmap to increase your level of protection and enable your organization to effectively respond to future incidents
  • Provision of a complete review of the critical security controls based on common APT attack patterns

Cyberincident Process

Every company runs the risk of being attacked at any time, and an attack can be complex and persistent. The moment you notice abnormal behaviour – disappearance of money, filtering of confidential data or disruption of systems – you will need a team of experts to help you recover safely and understand how and when your defences were compromised.

  • Fast and organized response to cyberattacks
  • Incident Forensics
  • Leadership and experience in crisis management
  • Classification and integrity of forensic evidence
  • Support for your team of specialists, with the experience of our professionals
  • Demonstrate due diligence before the board and shareholders of your company
  • In-depth analysis of your environment to provide evidence of ongoing and historical breaches
  • Provision of a roadmap with all recommendations, allowing your organisation to increase its level of protection and to respond more effectively to future incidents

Threat Analysis

We collect, identify and analyse information allowing each client to identify the correct development decisions to be better prepared for the appearance of future risks.

  • Proactive investigation and identification of cyberattacks and threats for each company
  • Measures to control and mitigate the risks encountered
  • Identification and rejection of "false positives"

Security Controls

Dreamlab Technologies will help your organization in the protection of critical assets, data and system availability. We will review the organization’s environment against best industry practices, generating recommendations for the revision and implementation of effective security controls.


  • Critical assets risk analysis: business processes and technological infrastructure
  • Testing of security controls
  • Review of currently implemented controls and provision of recommendations for improvements