Expert Cybersecurity Consulting



Strategic Advisory

We guide top management in making cybersecurity decisions, supporting the optimal delivery of business objectives and goals.


Strategic Program

We advise directors, managers and stakeholders on the organizational structures, strategy and governance models and prioritization of projects. Establishing indicators for the optimal management of cybersecurity.

Security Architecture Design

We advise our customer in the design and architecture of their cybersecurity solution, establishing the necessary controls to protect and secure information.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

We support software and business development teams by proactively identifying points for improvement and establishing the guidelines and mechanisms necessary to protect data.

Risk Assessment

We offer specialized assessments of the cyber security risks for our customer, identifying and recommending management and security tools to reduce risk exposure according to their business needs.

Policies and Process Review

We evaluate the execution quality of cybersecurity policies, processes and procedures, identifying gaps and providing recommendations for optimizations and improvements tailored to an organization’s specific requirements.

Security Architecture Review

We verify the correct architecture and implementation of security controls for the organization’s technological infrastructure, reviewing them against best industry practices.


Business Empowerment


Rent a Security Officer

Our security experts can work in your company for a defined period of time, if support and knowledge are required for a long-term assignment. The tasks cover security project management, security implementation, incident response and handling.


We offer our support in setting up, training and transferring knowledge to security teams within your organization. As an example, the setting up of a community emergency response team may be required in case of an acute threat, attack or other dangers.

Social Engineering: Phishing / Vishing / Awareness

Phishing attacks aim to steal sensitive data such as credentials, financial, sensitive information or other important information. Dreamlab Technologies offers a systematic phishing test that will let you discover the readiness of your technical infrastructure to withstand an attack, whether your alarm functions, processes and sequences are sufficient, and if your employees are adequately sensitized to this issue. Our social engineers will test the human risk factors within your organization: aiming to identify whether outsiders can obtain unauthorized access to data or physical devices (laptops, mobile phones). This test, carried out by our experts, reveals weak points and enables us to build bespoke awareness measures, such as staff training, continuous awareness campaigns and higher employee engagement in security.

Our experts also provide deception training , that is how your staff, C-level executives or investigators can detect any deception or manipulation, as well as your social engineers, physical intrusions specialists on how to plan a deception operation that should be part of every social engineering engagement. Our experienced physical intrusion specialists can not only do a physical security walk-through as a first step towards stronger physical security, but also teach other professional how to successfully plan and execute successful physical intrusions.


We support each company in the definition of the processes and procedures necessary to comply with regulations and legal regulations on cybersecurity.



SWIFT CSP Consultancy and Assessment


Dreamlab provides CSP assessment support related to the SWIFT CSP program. We support customers in the definition and implementation of the processes and procedures necessary to comply with SWIFT’s CSP requirements.

The SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) consists of mandatory and advisory security controls for SWIFT user, introduced as a measure to improve the security and transparency across the global financial community. The controls evolve over time to combat new and arising threats and to implement new developments in cybersecurity.

Our SWIFT CSCF-CSP Consulting and Assessment services include:

  • SWIFT Infrastructure Pentesting
  • Assessment of the level of compliance with SWIFT CSCF-CSP security controls
  • Accompanying the implementation of controls and remediation of security breaches
  • Certification as a SWIFT CSCF-CSP Authorised Partner