Unlike other scanning solutions, Cyobs delivers a real-time situation picture, enabling fast decision-making, no matter how big the cyberspace is.

Cyobs is built around 4 pillars:

  • Analyse: understand your cyberspace

  • Identify: spot weaknesses, anomalies and vulnerabilities

  • Reinforce: detailed reports and task lists enable efficient problem fixing

  • Monitor: track the success of the undertaken measures

Cyobs provides:

  • Seamless coverage of the cyberspace, including dependencies and interfaces.

  • A reliable, real-time diagnosis, including warnings.

  • A tool to systematically analyse cyber attacks and therefore provide defence tools.

  • Fully automated scans complemented by extremely precise measurements, tailored to meet each mission’s specific needs.

  • A decision-making tool for security measures – and a measurement of success

Visit www.cyobs.ch for further information.