CySOC allows cybersecurity experts to quickly uncover, analyse and react to anomalies within an IT infrastructure.

CySOC: a 360-degree view of your cyber dimension

  • Do you have full control over your network?
  • Are you able to identify potential network security issues?
  • Do you know the health of your network?

The unique Cyber Security Operation Centre (CySOC) solution not only helps you answer those questions, but it provides you with the tools needed to work in an unrivaled, efficient and effective way.

CySOC provides a holistic view into your organisation, offering a 360-degree view of your cyber dimension. The solution allows organisations – from critical infrastructure providers, private enterprises to governmental entities – to detect, identify, analyse and investigate anomalies taking place within an IP infrastructure. Through continuous monitoring, CySOC diligently examines your network traffic and processes the gathered data into customisable dashboards.


CySOC encompasses all aspects of your organisation’s cyberspace, delivering the rapid exposure, identification, analysis and responsiveness needed to fight cyber threats proactively.


Benefit from CySOC’s unique characteristics:

  • A high-level of readiness at all times, proactively anticipating any cyber incident.
  • Context-aware driven SOC focusing on near real-time threat hunting and attack detection.
  • Leveraging the SOC to improve your security team’s competence by analysing large volumes of data automatically.
  • Easily scalable, allowing the addition of supplementary technologies, ­­lines and different types of data flow.
  • A highly integrated SOC system that works as the core for future cyber security platforms or easily integrates to complement the existing ones within the client ICT infrastructure.
  • Built on Open-Source technologies, standards, and Open Ecosystems, not tied to any specific vendor or closed ecosystem.
  • An on-premises solution that provides full data ownership