Data Diode Platform

Data Diode Platform

The Data Diode platform takes unidirectional data transfer to the next level, offering uncompromising technology that meets the highest security requirements with open source, verifiable software.

The hardware enforced technology allows data to be transferred efficiently and reliably by physically constraining connectivity to one direction only.

  • Transmission of data from the lower to the higher network, protecting against tampering and corruption of data by integrity checks
  • Automated high-performance transfer of large quantities of data, with low delay. Providing easy integration into existing system interfaces with a secured web Front-end and an API
  • Created with commodity hardware and open source technology, allowing for faster time to market, scalability, and availability as well as a fully auditable source code
  • Fully featured user interface with a web-based Front-end secured with strong 2-factor authentication based on LDAP and Yubikey as well as an API for automation