an advanced and sophisticated platform for honeypot and honeynet management providing in depth threat and adversary analysis.

Honeykube is an advanced platform for honeypot and honeynet management, along with sophisticated adversary analysis. The state-of-the-art solution helps organisations observe the actions of an attacker and develop an understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures being used against their systems and infrastructures.

Through the employment of cutting-edge technologies, it guarantees the high availability and resilience of its honeypots, whilst ensuring that the information collected through them is reliable.



Honeykube leverages a sophisticated approach for identifying the type of attacks performed, providing solid and useable intelligence.

  • A FULL EMULATION OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT, NO MATTER HOW COMPLEX: Emulates your organization’s infrastructure to expose adversary interest and the techniques they will use against you.
  • REAL-TIME VISUALISATION: Shows real-time visualisation of attacks, enriched with information for advanced analytics.
  • ALERTING: Provides a fine-grained alerting system based on attack severity.
  • TRACING AND PROFILING: Traces, geolocates and reveals the techniques used by malicious actors. Advanced adversary profiling with details about their preferred attack tools, tactics, techniques and procedures
  • SOPHISTICATED ANALYTICS AND REPORTING: The comprehensive set of dashboards provide visibility into the pool of data processed by the analytics engine, providing deeper insight into your business whilst saving investigation time.
  • USABILITY: A concise and user-friendly interface for streamlining honeypots management. Start, destroy, restart and scale honeypots with just one click.
  • EASY TO DEPLOY AND MANAGE: Launch real honeypots for web servers, file servers, database servers, network devices, industrial systems, medical devices and IoT devices, amongst many others.
  • MULTI-CLUSTER SUPPORT: Manage honeypots and honeynets deployed in different countries all around the world.


Visit www.honeykube.ch for further information