gives you the power to see the future now by detecting campaigns on average 4 weeks ahead of the industry.

A threat intelligence data feed that provides your organisation with information allowing the detection of specific types of Command and Control servers (C2) used by adversaries to compromise your infrastructure. 

What makes our C2 feed unique is the fact that it allows us to detect campaigns 2 to 4 weeks earlier than most malware analysis tools. This not only allows faster response, but in many cases can prevent a campaign.

80-90% of the activity traced by RATspotting will never be seen in other systems. RATspotting allows for detection while the adversaries are still setting up their infrastructure. Early detection will enable your team to gather additional information and ultimately protect your assets and infrastructure.

RATspotting Knows More than Others:

  • Identify and understand threats before they occur.
  • Learn from the strategies and tactics of your attackers.
  • Build a defence to anticipate and prevent rather than experience and respond.
  • Add analytics to your SOC and other national alerting and analysis tools, to improve your overall security posture.
  • Gather detailed evidence about state sponsored attacks.
  • Support your political and diplomatic customers with evidence from the cyber dimension.
  • Protect against APT groups before they even launch a campaign.


We offer RATspotting as a subscription service. We’re ready to step forward in your defence.

Visit www.ratspotting.ch for further information.