Cybercrime: "The attack surface has increased explosively"

In a latest Handelszeitung article, Nick Mayencourt examines the disproportionate rise of cybercrime due to the Corona pandemic and digitalisation push.

“The pandemic and swift change to the homeoffice has increased the attack surface once again. Figuratively speaking, company boundaries are extended to every employee's homeoffice through their VPN tunnels. Added to this is the time pressure: companies had to make a swift implementation in order to stay in business thus neglecting the cybersecurity risks involved”. 

Read the full article where Nick shares tips and tricks on how organisations and employees can protect themselves at home:  https://www.handelszeitung.ch/unternehmen/cybercrime-die-angriffsflache-hat-sich-explosionsartig-vergrossert

Cybercrime: "The attack surface has increased explosively"

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