Cybersecurity Solutions for the Mining Sector and its Growing Digital Transformation

In a recent article in Diario Financiero, a Chilean economic newspaper, Fabien Spychiger discussed Dreamlab Technologies’ wide range of solutions designed to protect critical infrastructures, stating that the availability and readiness of its capabilities are at the disposal of mining companies looking to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Digital transformation in the mining sector is growing at a high speed and COVID-19 has accelerated this trend even further. Mining 4.0 is no stranger to this scenario, thus the pace of adopting new technologies is critical to gain a competitive advantage. The shift in the industry’s core business, from a human-labour focus to an automation focus, has required rapid digitisation to maintain its efficiency, as well as its operational, physical, and environmental security.

"As technologies become more interconnected, the potential risks are growing. For example, an interconnected network where we see self-driving trucks, 5G technology and IoT devices, exposes these networks to greater threats. The optimisation of processes and strategies is crucial for the industry, especially considering that mining is one of the essential sectors guiding Chile’s development." says Fabien Spychiger, CEO for Dreamlab Technologies Latin America.

Dreamlab Technologies looks to put its experience and expertise forward with the aim to help Chile, and all its essential infrastructure providers, navigate the changes brought on by the intertwining of the IT and OT worlds which has escalated the risks from attacks on SCADA/ICS networks and IoT/IIoT devices.  

"We have extensive experience not only in the mining industry, but also a long track record protecting critical infrastructure around the world. We offer a secure, efficient, successful and sustainable long-term digital transformation, providing the pertinent tools and services that brings our customers peace of mind when managing their cybersecurity needs.” concluded Spychiger.

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Cybersecurity Solutions for the Mining Sector and its Growing Digital Transformation

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