"Hackers could paralyse basic services in Switzerland"

Switzerland is poorly equipped against cybercrime, as showcased by the increase in cyber-attacks as stated by The Federal Intelligence Service. Experts are now calling for a State Secretariat for Cyber Security; otherwise, basic services could be paralysed.

On Tuesday 9 November, it became public knowledge that tax return data was leaked on the darknet. According to statistics, there were 832 cybercrime incidents reported to the National Cyber Security Centre NCSC in the second week of October alone.

According to Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, a crippling of basic services is even almost 100% likely. "The question is when and how it will happen and how well prepared we are at that time," Mayencourt says.

“It is already almost too late. Switzerland must decide to act now to avoid the same damage as we’ve seen in the US. Security should be the first task of the state. A security strategy that goes beyond cantonal, communal, and departmental borders, is very much in demand and in need.  Cyberspace is a dimension that permeates everything. Everything now depends on the internet," Mayencourt told 20 Minutes. “Nowadays there is almost no area of life that isn't controlled by digitalisation”.

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"Hackers could paralyse basic services in Switzerland"

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