Insights into the Swiss Cyberspace by CyObs

The cyber dimension is a catalyst of the fourth industrial revolution and enables digital transformation; it is a critical success factor of societies, governments and commercial organisations.

The cyber controls industrial and commercial systems and thus creates a massive dependency: Cyber threats and attacks are impacting operations, daily life and the overall health of nations. However, cyber risks are not yet efficiently controlled or managed, resulting in ever growing losses, press coverage and a degradation of trust.

Nick Mayencourt and Marc K. Peter will review the past year and present the current state of the threat landscape. A CyObs scan of Switzerland will provide an overview of the Swiss attack surface and unveil current issues, unprotected infrastructures and conclude with strategies required to protect our nation.

Further information: https://swisscybersecuritydays.ch/en/

Insights into the Swiss Cyberspace by CyObs

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