Suissedigital launches Cybersecurity Test for SMEs

Suissedigital has introduced an online Cybersecurity Test tailored specifically for Swiss SMEs. The test aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises evaluate their cybersecurity measures in the face of the ever evolving cyber threats.

Unlike larger corporations, SMEs often neglect prioritising cybersecurity because they lack a clear understanding of the cyberthreat landscape."Especially in the case of SMEs or municipal administrations, there is a lack of awareness of their own vulnerability to cybercrime," explains Nicolas Mayencourt.

Suissedigital based the test on the NIST Framework, which focuses on identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. The test enables SMEs to evaluate their own cybersecurity preparedness and benchmark their performance against other SMEs. Suissedigital believes the test will raise awareness among the cyber risks faced and encourage necessary precautions. The test is available in German, French, and English.


Read the full article (German only): https://www.itmagazine.ch/artikel/79141/Suissedigital_lanciert_Cybersecurity-Test_fuer_KMU.html 


Suissedigital launches Cybersecurity Test for SMEs

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