Cyber Insights • July 2024

Dreamlab Technologies presents to you our brand new ‘Cyber Insights’ newsletter – an expert analysis of the latest developments in the cyber domain across the globe. The cyber world is a world full of opportunities, but unfortunately faces new and emerging threats every day. This newsletter contains insights and trends in cybersecurity and emerging technologies that will help you stay informed regarding the threats and challenges in today's rapidly evolving digital world. It also comes with a brief analysis of the cybersecurity events from a geo-political perspective. In the evolving geo-political dynamics today, cyber-security is increasingly being prioritised by countries worldwide. Stronger cyber defence capabilities, higher investments in cybersecurity budgets and facilitating cyber policy dialogues are some of the new trends observed in the global geo-politics. The concise content in this paper provides a glimpse into this global scenario concerning the cyberspace. It is easy to read and can help promote awareness regarding best cybersecurity practices and safeguard our digital lives.

Inside this issue:

  • Cyberattack on UK hospitals lead to online data breach

  • US imposes sanctions on Kaspersky executives amid ban on software sale

  • EU targets Apple under new digital markets law, threatens significant penalties

  • Australian regulator initiates legal action against Medibank over data breach

  • Indonesia’s data centre hit by ransomware attack

In this edition, we investigate the major ransomware attack on UK’s healthcare sector that led to breaching sensitive data online. A cybercriminal group, likely tied to Russia, was behind the attack that caused a severe disruption in hospital services across the UK. The group disclosed sensitive medical information of patients on their darknet site. The National Cyber Security Centre and its partners are undergoing a criminal investigation to investigate the attack amidst concerns over the rising prevalence and disruptive impact of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure.

Across the US, we examine the sanctions imposed by the US government on executives of Kaspersky, a Russia-based cybersecurity firm on grounds of national security, just a day after the US government imposed a ‘first of its kind’ ban on the sale of Kaspersky software across the US. The move further highlights the ongoing geopolitical friction between the US and Russia.

Spanning the EU, we dive into the reasons behind the European Commission accusing Apple of violating the digital markets law, the new legislation aimed at ensuring fair competition in the digital market. We also take note of the alleged violations of the law by the big tech and the potential penalties that could be imposed on it. Apple however claimed to have complied with the act stating that it has implemented the necessary changes in its platforms in accordance with the provisions. We closely observe the ongoing issue as global regulators aim to prevent tech giants from monopolising the digital market.

Across Oceania, we delve into the incident where the Australian Information Commissioner initiated legal action against a major health insurance company in relation to a data breach from an October 2022 cyberattack. The regulator held the company accountable for neglecting its responsibilities to adequately manage cybersecurity risks and invest in appropriate measures to protect sensitive personal information of Australians, which resulted in the data breach. Cyber security experts supported the legal action, stressing accountability of companies in safeguarding data privacy.

And in Asia, we look at yet another ransomware attack incident on the national data centre of Indonesia that resulted in widespread disruptions in government services including significant delays at airports. The attack is among the most severe cyberattacks in Indonesia recently, affecting several government entities involving critical infrastructure. The incident underscores the importance of governments across the world prioritising and ensuring robust cyber defences as they are crucial in maintaining national security and public trust in digital services. Discover more and explore the captivating stories, by downloading a copy of ‘Cyber Insights’ below.

Discover more and explore the captivating stories, by downloading a copy of ‘Cyber Insights’ below.



Cyber Insights • July 2024

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