Recent company and industry news from Dreamlab Technologies:

Swiss Cyberspace : 100,000 Unprotected Routers Exposed Online

The Swiss cyberspace, analysed by Dreamlab Technologies, is found to be highly vulnerable due to various unprotected devices, including servers, industrial plants, and routers among others. Dreamlab's CEO, Nicolas Mayencourt, reports discovering 100,000 unprotected routers from a major Swiss internet provider.


SCSD 2024: Relocating to Bern – The Ideal Hub for Business, Politics, and Science

Regula Baumgartner, Senior Project Manager at F+W Communications, revealed during a press conference on February 7th for this year's Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) that "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..." is the most commonly used password globally. This highlights the ongoing need for increased public awareness of security measures. Therefore, hosting a national event on this topic seems necessary.


1.2 Million Vulnerabilities Detected in Austrian Cyberspace

Dreamlab Technologies has identified 1.2 million potential vulnerabilities in Austria's cyberspace. Marc K. Peter, COO of Dreamlab Technologies, discussed the findings during a presentation titled "The Current Austrian Cyberspace - An Update" at the 2023 IKT Security conference in Linz, Austria.


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