Alarming Number of Insecure Government Servers: Thousands at Risk

Hackers have successfully conducted a ransomware attack on the federal administration, highlighting the urgent need for action due to the increasing vulnerability of servers.

Xplain, the company affected by the attack, had its data, including sensitive information from the government, exposed on the darknet on June 14. The compromised data includes personal and employee details. A security scan conducted by Dreamlab Technologies uncovered vulnerabilities in over 100,000 servers, primarily affecting government agencies, administrations, educational institutions, and healthcare organisations.

Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO and Founder of Dreamlab Technologies, stressed the importance of immediate action: "The ship is sinking, and we must join forces to plug these holes".

The focus now lies on determining the full extent and impact of the recent attack, a task that may require a significant amount of time, possibly spanning weeks or even months. The Federal Police (Fedpol) and the federal government have made it clear that they are committed to investigating how Xplain managed to access operational data. While the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) has taken some initial actions, it is crucial to act swiftly due to the increasing sensitivity of the data as time passes.

Read the full article (German only): https://www.20min.ch/story/tausende-behoerden-server-sind-unsicher-luecken-erschreckend-272350658408




Alarming Number of Insecure Government Servers: Thousands at Risk

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