Bern is the new cyber capital of Switzerland

The upcoming fifth edition of the Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will be held in Bern on September 20th and 21st, 2023, with a specific emphasis on cybercrime.

BERNEXPO will host the event, establishing Bern as a hub for national and international cyber-related discussions and knowledge exchange. The rise in cybercrime poses a daily concern, as attacks on various sectors intensify and the resulting damages escalate. Given Switzerland's status as an innovative nation, it faces considerable risks to its competitiveness, national security, and democratic principles. The SCSD plays a prominent role as a platform for meaningful discussions, featuring esteemed speakers, geopolitical conversations, research presentations, and an exhibition.

With the vision of making Bern the cyber capital of Switzerland, Nicolas Mayencourt, Program Director of SCSD and CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, emphasises the city's advantageous proximity to politics and administration. The event aims to underscore the significance of cybersecurity and foster digital literacy within society.


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Bern is the new cyber capital of Switzerland

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