Bürgenstock Becomes a High-Security Zone During Ukraine Peace Conference

In anticipation of the upcoming Ukraine Peace Conference at Bürgenstock on June 15-16, the Federal Office for Cybersecurity expects increased cyber threats and espionage.

Nick Mayencourt, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, highlighted the imminent cyber threats facing Switzerland. According to Mayencourt, “Sleeper viruses” could be activated during the conference, causing significant disruptions. These sleeper viruses, Trojan horses, or similar malware, are already placed on the hard drives of critical infrastructure and can be remotely activated at any time.

The Federal Office for Cybersecurity is preparing for various scenarios, including potential Russian hacker attacks on Swiss firms or institutions. Florian Schütz, Director of the Federal Office for Cybersecurity, stated that a cyberattack is “very likely and realistic.” Key measures include implementing a “change freeze period” for critical infrastructure, meaning no updates or changes to IT systems to minimize attack surfaces.

Mayencourt advises Swiss companies to enhance their cybersecurity measures leading up to the conference. Simple actions like updating software, checking backups, resetting passwords, and increasing system monitoring can significantly mitigate potential threats. Additionally, Dreamlab Technologies has reported a significant increase in cyberattacks from Russia, rising from a few hundred per month to over 4,600 in May.

For further insights from Nicolas Mayencourt, please click the following link to view the full interview: https://www.nzz.ch/schweiz/festung-buergenstock-diese-gefahren-drohen-rund-um-die-friedenskonferenz-ld.1833005

Bürgenstock Becomes a High-Security Zone During Ukraine Peace Conference

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