CSM-ACE 2019: Cyber Defense - Threat Hunting & Intelligence

Dreamlab Technologies CEO Nicolas Mayencourt presented his keynote at the 2019 CSM-ACE (Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference & Exhibition) on 23 September 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. Nick discussed the current cyber situation of Malaysia and the country's state of cyber risk, and focussed on the importance of awareness and prevention as a way to combat the ever-increasing cyber threats.

"Dreamlab is excited to be present at this event. We hope to provide participants a unique perspective into the current state of the country's cyber landscape and address the key challenges and issues faced by the government as well as critical infrastructure providers in this current digital age", said Nicolas Mayencourt.

The conference is an annual industry gathering organised by CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist and technical centre under the purview of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. The CSM-ACE 2019 gathers cyber security industry experts and the wider community to exchange ideas on security management, policy and technology.

Dreamlab is a proud partner of Cybersecurity Malaysia and together we strive to build awareness in the region and create a clear roadmap that assists organisations to stay secure, confident and resilient in today's cyber-connected environment.

CSM-ACE 2019: Cyber Defense - Threat Hunting & Intelligence

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