Cyberattacks threaten the economic position of Switzerland

A recent article written by Dreamlab’s CEO Nicolas Mayencourt for KMU-Magazin highlights the increasing prevalence of cybercrime in Switzerland, with one in three Swiss companies falling victim to such attacks in 2021.

The damages caused by cybercrime globally have reached alarming levels, surpassing damages caused by natural disasters by more than fifty-fold.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly vulnerable, facing the same professional and orchestrated attacks as large corporations but having fewer resources to invest in cybersecurity. The average damage for an SME from a cyberattack amounts to several hundred thousand Swiss francs, with severe attacks reaching tens of millions.According to Mayencourt, paying the attackers should never be considered as it supports criminal organisations and further attracts attacks.

Many SMEs underestimate the risks of cyberattacks due to the abstract nature of cyberspace and lack of sensory perception. However, Mayencourt emphasises that effective protection against cyberattacks is possible even with limited resources. He encourages SMEs to develop their own IT security concepts, conduct risk analysis, prioritise measures based on potential damage and implement reliable IT protection through software updates, properly configured firewalls, and employee awareness.

Download the full article (German only).

Cyberattacks threaten the economic position of Switzerland

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