Cybercrime: "At some point it will hit everyone"

Cybercrime is one of the most lucrative businesses of our time; everyone and everything connected to the internet is a potential target. Here, businesses may think cyber security is an IT problem. It's not: It's a business problem. While the impact of attacks vary depending on the business and the attack itself, the reality is that it has become a question of 'when' a business will be attacked, and not 'if'.

Management must be informed about security parameters, C-level needs priorities and operational teams must see security as an integral part of their projects. In a recent interview with newsaktuell.ch, our CEO Nicolas Mayencourt and Head of Business Development Milena Thalmann shared some insights on what companies can do about cybercrime and what danger manipulated information and social bots could mean for democracy.

Read the full interview on https://www.newsaktuell.ch/blog/cyberkriminalitaet-irgendwann-wird-es-jeden-treffen/

Cybercrime: "At some point it will hit everyone"

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