Cybersecurity World Madrid: "General Study of Spanish Cyberspace"

The past 27 October, the first edition of the Cyber Security World Madrid conference took place, bringing together experts and market professionals to provide answers and solutions to the challenges of the current digital landscape.

Fabien Spychiger, Regional Director of Dreamlab Technologies Latin America, presented the results of the "General Study of Spanish Cyberspace", a study based on a complete scan of the country, its attack surface and vulnerabilities.

The scan, which consisted of more than 32 million IP4 addresses, revealed more than 215,220 unique IP addresses potentially at risk, as well as 4,408 known and documented vulnerabilities; of which 17% are critical (CVSS >9).

In addition, Spychiger presented CyScope, a bug bounty platform powered by an international network of expert hackers.

Spychiger stressed the importance to be given to unnecessary exposure, outdated or obsolete software and weak configurations. "As the complexity of digital technologies increases, the dependence on them increases, and with it, the amount of threats and attacks. We must adopt a prioritised approach to critical infrastructure protection and take swift action to close breaches, particularly critical and high-level ones. We need to be more active in managing risks related to cyberspace and digital transformation."

If you are interested in obtaining the full report, please contact laura.gaudino@dreamlab.net




Cybersecurity World Madrid: "General Study of Spanish Cyberspace"

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