Data Leak from Vulkan Files: Mühleberg Featured in a Russian Hacking Manual

A leaked document from Russian software company NTC Vulkan has raised concerns about potential cyber threats to Swiss critical infrastructure.

The document, dating back to 2016, includes the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a nuclear power plant as potential targets in a program designed to exploit critical infrastructure networks. However, experts have noted that the examples mentioned in the document do not indicate that actual cyber attacks were planned or carried out.

European intelligence services and a former Vulkan employee believe the documents to be authentic, as they revealed the company’s association with Russian clients, which include the Ministry of Defense and intelligence services. This association raises concerns due to the involvement of dangerous hacking groups like Cozy Bear and Sandworm, known for previous cyberattacks.

While the specific Swiss targets mentioned are considered examples rather than confirmed attack plans, experts advise caution. Specialists speculate that the inclusion of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant in the document may be related to previous reports of IT vulnerabilities at the plant, which attracted attention and led to its inclusion.

Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO and Founder of Dreamlab Technologies, has pointed out that the presence of the nuclear plant on the document is likely not a coincidence, adding to the seriousness of the situation. He gives a possible explanation for the erroneous indications on Swiss targets, "I assume that fragments of information from different contexts have been copied into the user manual." This would explain why coordinates for Kabul or the vicinity of the Ukrainian embassy appear on the map. These are all targets that should be familiar to Vulkan's clients.

The situation emphasises the importance of strengthening cybersecurity measures and remaining vigilant in protecting critical infrastructure. Despite the uncertainties surrounding the listed targets, the presence of Russian clients associated with hacking groups raises concerns about potential future threats.

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Data Leak from Vulkan Files: Mühleberg Featured in a Russian Hacking Manual

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