Data Security in Healthcare Organisations

Nick Mayencourt shared his opinions in a recent radio podcast with SRF (Swiss National Radio) regarding data security in healthcare organisations. Computers or emails with sensitive data aren’t the only problems faced by Health institutions - the primarily problem is the IT infrastructure. In a hospital, there are several interconnected devices like X-rays or life support machines which require the exchange of data. From an IT perspective, this creates a complex and highly interactive system with a lot of data interfaces, all connected one way or another to the Internet, making hospitals an attractive target for attackers”.

The discussion then focused on the 500,000 French records leaked earlier this year and what Swiss institutions can do to ensure that patient data is secure.

"We need a consistent implementation of the digital transformation. As I have highlighted many times before, we need a paradigm shift because we need to be able to bring together conflicting interests in a safe way, especially with regards to patient data. On the one hand, you want to ensure the highest possible protection of data, and on the other hand, this data must be available and accessible at any time”.

Listen to the full podcast here.

(Nick’s inputs can be heard as of 16:05, German only)

Data Security in Healthcare Organisations

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