Digital Economic Forum 2021: A Lesson for Digital Policy

On September 9th 2021, Nicolas Mayencourt addressed the need for a political debate on safety, rights and privacy in the cyberspace, during this year’s Digital Economic Forum, Switzerland’s most important platform bringing together digitalisation and business.

Nicolas also highlighted the importance of a political "cyber peace” and a global will to discuss and enforce rules and regulations. “Time is pressing -  the number of known, serious security vulnerabilities in Switzerland has more than doubled since the outbreak of the pandemic: in 2019 it was 42,220, this year we are already at 113,780» said Mayencourt.

In an international comparison, Switzerland lags far behind in terms of cyber security, holding the 42nd position in the current global cybersecurity ranking of the International Telecommunication Union (IU) – behind Northern Macedonia, Tanzania, Hungary and Kazakhstan. Incidentally, the USA is at the top, followed by the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Estonia. "We are lagging badly behind. And now we are facing a cybergeddon if we do not decisively increase IT security," Mayencourt said, noting that cyber incidents not only cause financial damage but sometimes make the difference between life and death. "Cyber is one of the most powerful dimensions of society today - we must stop being naïve about it."

Read the full artciule (German only) here: https://www.netzwoche.ch/news/2021-09-10/ein-denkzettel-fuer-die-digitalpolitik

Digital Economic Forum 2021: A Lesson for Digital Policy

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