Dreamlab at SMIDEX Suisse Exposyum 2021

SMIDEX Suisse Exposyum 2021, Zurich's new security event offering a complete overview of intelligent cyber security and risk minimisation, took place on 17 and 18 November 2021 in Zurich-Oerlikon.

Nick Mayencourt, Global CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, presented «Cybergedon - the fifth dimension» where he shed light on the background of global cyberthreats and highlighted ways to contain and defend against cyber-attacks. “While physical boundaries are well known and well controlled, the cyber-physical dimension presents new, human-made challenges.” said Mayencourt. “Countries and governments need to prioritise the understanding and preparedness to properly manage this new dimension. Only then they will be able to pave the way for the compromise and support necessary to establish new policies and principles to deal with cyber-warfare.”

Dreamlab’s Global COO, Marc K. Peter presented "Cybersecurity and the Homeoffice", a recent study prepared by various research partners including Digitalswitzerland and FHNW, where he examined strategies and measures in Swiss SMEs in the COVID-19 environment. “Swiss SMEs are relatively far advanced with the implementation of technical measures to increase cybersecurity. However, much potential is evident in the planning and implementation of organisational IT security measures” said Peter. “Only just under half of Swiss SMEs have an IT security concept and only two-fifths regularly train their employees or conduct IT security audits.”

Mischa Obrecht, Dreamlab’s Cyber Security Specialist, presented “AI for Cybersecurity - Dream Team or Wishful Thinking?” where he discussed artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, and how AI can (and cannot) work as a solution for cybersecurity threats. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often hyped as the go-to solution for all cybersecurity challenges. However, one has to keep in mind that cybersecurity is not a purely technical issue but also heavily interacts with organisational and human aspects of organisations and our digital society”, said Obrecht. “While AI is able to solve certain technological challenges related to cyberdefence today and will almost certainly improve the cyber-security situation in the long-term, we still have to do our own homework to get a grip on our security posture because we are currently looking forward to faster and more dangerous, AI powered, threat actors.” he concluded.

To learn more about the "Cybersecurity and the Homeoffice" study and download the whitepaper in German, French or Italian, visit: https://www.fhnw.ch/de/die-fhnw/hochschulen/hsw/media-newsroom/news/neue-studie-homeoffice-und-cybersicherheit-in-schweizer-kmu


Dreamlab at SMIDEX Suisse Exposyum 2021

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