Dreamlab Technologies scans 17 million IPs and detects that a quarter of the Colombian cyberspace is vulnerable to attacks

Dreamlab Technologies presented the results of a country study “The State of Colombia’s Cyberspace: The Attack Surface and Adversaries' Tactics against Critical Infrastructures” on Tuesday, November 30th at Expodefensa, the leading hub for Defense and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The study, based on an advanced scan of more than 17 million IPs, revealed that more than 20% of the country’s Active IPs are vulnerable to cyber attacks that could jeopardise essential services for the functioning of the country. Additionally, it was concluded that the three sectors with the highest number of critically vulnerable IPs are: Telecommunications, with more than 80%, Government, with more than 40% and Healthcare, with almost 50%.

The results were presented by Fabien Spychiger, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies in Latin America, in a presentation that emphasised the need to strengthen cybersecurity at the national level through tools that allow the identification of security breaches as well as the analysis of vulnerabilities.

«Being able to identify threats to a country's digital assets is a critical consideration in today’s highly digitalised era and while the attack surface itself may be difficult to reduce in scope or size, a robust cybersecurity posture will provide more effective protection», said Spychiger.

The study was carried out through the deployment of CyObs, a high-precision cyber radar system developed by Dreamlab, which provides a complete picture of the current state of the country's general and critical infrastructure.

"A thriving digital world will only be possible with integrated cyber security. This acts as a driver for all our products and solutions - as an example, CyObs, which allows us to measure the full attack surface, monitor digital assets and clearly observe the cyber dimension" said Juan David Moreno, Country Manager for Dreamlab Colombia.

"Visibility is a fundamental cybersecurity strategy to protect network assets and information. Governments and organisations need a real-time, comprehensive overview of their cyberspace - to make the invisible visible. You can't protect what you can't see. CyObs allows us to see, and therefore, manage the cyber dimension." concluded Moreno.

If you are interested in obtaining the full report, please contact juandavid.moreno@dreamlab.net



Dreamlab Technologies scans 17 million IPs and detects that a quarter of the Colombian cyberspace is vulnerable to attacks

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