Dreamlab Technologies takes part in the 2021-22 NSW Going Global Export Program

Dreamlab Technologies is excited to be involved in the  2021-22 NSW Going Global Export Program, an initiative of the NSW Government to help accelerate our growth in the Japanese market.

The increasing prevalence of security incidents and tax incentives in Japan are driving growth in the region. Around 80% of companies in Japan experienced at least one security incident in the past, and malware attacks have received prominent media attention in recent years. Cyber security incidents in Japan caused approximately AUD$1.5 million in damage each year since 2016. In 2020, the cost rose to AUD$2.4 million.

"Dreamlab is very excited about its involvement in the 2021-22 NSW Going Global Export Program. As a regional hub where Swiss innovation and Australian intelligence combine to produce, evaluate, and control cyberspace protection, we’re committed to strengthening the ability of Japan to respond to cyber-attacks, reduce risks, secure their assets and transform their operations through our high-quality cyber defense solutions” said John van Rooyen, Regional Director for Dreamlab Technologies Australia & New Zealand.

For this project, Dreamlab will focus on supporting the Government sector (military, intelligence, CERT, law enforcement), Critical infrastructure providers (electricity, banks, healthcare) and any Telco looking to protect their customers.

“Our CyObs solution will enable cybersecurity professionals in Japan to effectively minimise the cyber-attack surface of their organisations and remote workforce. We’re  grateful to Investment NSW for the opportunity and look forward to collaborating in 2022” concluded van Rooyen.

Visit the NSW Going Global Export Program website for more information: https://www.investment.nsw.gov.au/living-working-and-business/nsw-going-global-export-program/cyber-security-to-japan/

Dreamlab Technologies takes part in the 2021-22 NSW Going Global Export Program

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