Dreamlab’s participation at NotPinkCon 2020

Dreamlab has reiterated its commitment to advocate for women with an interest in cyber security through the sponsoring of events such as NotPinkCon.

Our Head of Research, Sheila A. Berta, presented on Securing Docker Containers where she explained how to limit the kernel's capabilities at container runtime and remapping it to the user-namespace, until successfully applying the RBAC at the orchestrator in Swarm or Kubernetes. Additionally, the presentation revealed various attacks vectors that could be carried out if these advanced security measures are not implemented.

Watch the full presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqaWn2gRcAU

or download the Whitepaper: https://dreamlab.net/blackhat-whitepapers/

Dreamlab’s participation at NotPinkCon 2020

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