Fighting the virtual enemy

Nicolas Mayencourt discusses cybercriminality in a recent interview for La Télé, a regional television channel from Fribourg. He explains how the frequency and severity of cyber-crime has escalated in the past 24 months, and how this has been further fuelled by the Russia-Ukraine war.

“It’s important to not underestimate cyber threats” says Nicolas. Cyberattacks aren’t only targeting Ukraine and Russia. Last month, a pro-Russian ransomware gang managed to force a shutdown of the internal IT systems at a German wind turbine company, knocking out Germany's wind power supply.

Additionally, Switzerland has experienced a significant increase in ransomware attacks. The pandemic accelerated transition towards remote working resulted in an estimated tenfold increase in cyber-attacks, as seen with the recent cyberattack targeting Rolle and Neuchatel.

Listen to the full interview (in French): https://latele.ch/emissions/radar-fribourgeois/radar-fribourgeois-s-2022-e-67?s=3

Fighting the virtual enemy

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