Nicolas Mayencourt: "Personal data is gold”

From doctors' cabinets to local authorities and universities, computer attacks seem to be on the rise everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland. For the cantonal police, cybercrime has become one of the main concerns.

Nicolas Mayencourt, Head of the SCSD Programme Committee and Dreamlab Technologies’s CEO, shares an update on the situation and his advice on the importance of protecting personal data.

"In a digital world, data is the basis of existence," says Nick. He believes that the Swiss population is aware of this fact, but that they are not following this up with actions.

"Your data is worth its weight in gold", Nick insists. Literally: "A hacker is interested in your money. He will try to find your loopholes to get what he wants. So, it's up to everyone to secure access to their personal information”.

Listen to the full interview (in French) here: https://frapp.ch/fr/articles/stories/vos-donnees-cest-de-lor


Nicolas Mayencourt: "Personal data is gold”

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