Security is a Team Sport

Nick Mayencourt recently engaged in a discussion with ORGANISATOR, a magazine catering to managing directors and executives of SMEs, regarding the pressing issue of cybersecurity. During the conversation, he underscored the heightened state of cybersecurity, placing particular emphasis on the escalating conflicts in Ukraine and the increased severity of cyber threats impacting individuals, businesses, and public administrations.

Nick discussed the complexity of guaranteeing cybersecurity, pointing out the difficulties in confirming codes sourced from cloud providers and the privacy issues stemming from differing views on data ownership between the US and Europe. He stressed the substantial surge in cyber threats following the Ukrainian conflict, particularly the rise in ransomware attacks aimed at valuable business data and government secrets; as well as the prevalent complacency regarding cybersecurity, drawing a parallel to climate change denial.

The conversation delved into the challenges of cyber resilience, highlighting the impossibility of achieving 100% security. Nick then suggested practical measures for ensuring "cyber hygiene", such as multifactor authentication, VPNs, and data encryption which help reduce most risks, while also advocating for preparedness, contingency plans, and active business continuity management to handle cyber incidents. Additionally, he discussed the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in threat detection and network monitoring, cautioning about the potential danger of AI-driven cyberattacks.

The interview concluded with insights into the upcoming Swiss Cyber Security Days, which will focus on megatrends like AI impact, quantum computing for cryptography, and combating disinformation.

Download the full article (German only): HERE.



Security is a Team Sport

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