Story Killers Interview: "Of course, Switzerland is a target"

The secret group known as "Jorge" has been exposed for offering services to destabilise democracies through disinformation, raising concerns about potential threats to democracy.

The investigative project called "Story Killers," carried out by a journalist consortium including Tamedia Recherchedesk and Paper Trail Media, uncovered the activities of this group led by an Israeli figure. Their methods involve flooding social media platforms with fake profiles and manipulating politicians' email and Telegram accounts.

Swiss cybersecurity expert Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO and founder of Dreamlab Technologies, warns that Switzerland is not immune to such cyber threats: “We have leading industries in pharmaceuticals and electronics, as well as one of the world's largest financial centers. As a commodity trading hub, we are practically number one globally. At the same time, we are one of the most important host countries in the world for organisations such as the United Nations, sports federations like FIFA and the IOC, and the World Economic Forum. These are all very attractive targets, including for exerting influence on the political stage. In other words, of course, we are a target.”

Mayencourt highlights the need for improved cybersecurity measures, pointing out the cognitive dissonance between Switzerland's ranking as a global innovation leader and its low ranking in the Global Cybersecurity Index.

“Switzerland doesn't even make it into the top ten. We are currently ranked 42nd, behind Tanzania and just ahead of Ghana.”

Mayencourt also raises concerns about the expanding capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in disseminating disinformation. He predicts that in the future, political campaigns could be led by AI against other AI, leading to chaotic and confusing situations for voters. He emphasizes the urgency of addressing these issues as a society: “We are creating our future today, and tomorrow we will be living in it. We need a new social contract that defines and regulates our actions in cyberspace, just as we do in the real world.”

Read the full article (German): https://www.derbund.ch/natuerlich-sind-wir-in-der-schweiz-ein-ziel-844940446396

Read the full article (French): https://www.tdg.ch/bien-evidemment-que-nous-sommes-une-cible-556939872625


Image credit: Story Killers: inside the deadly disinformation-for-hire industry • Forbidden Stories.

Story Killers Interview: "Of course, Switzerland is a target"

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