Swiss Army trains in cyber warfare alongside NATO states

Members of Cyber Battalion 42, the Cyber Staff and participants in the army's cyber course are sitting in front of screens, rehearsing thousands of game variants in a fictional representation of a cyber conflict. In this fictional representation, countries are required to defend their infrastructure against cyber-attacks from another country. 33 countries have organised themselves into 24 teams, each one in charge of defending its critical infrastructure against simulated but true to life attacks: "We are confronted with state-of-the-art attack possibilities. It shows what is possible," says the deputy team leader.

The exercise, which has been repeated regularly for years, targets IT infrastructures, as well as water and energy supplies. Ironically, as noted by Nicolas Mayencourt, founder and CEO of Dreamlab Technologies and advisor to the Swiss army, the fictitious exercise has caught up with reality. "The effects of virtual warfare were already seen at the beginning of April, when Russia attacked the critical infrastructure in Ukraine with a malware program."

Read the full article (German only): https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/uebung-locked-shields-schweizer-armee-trainiert-mit-nato-staaten-den-cyberkrieg

Swiss Army trains in cyber warfare alongside NATO states

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