Swiss Cyberspace : 100,000 Unprotected Routers Exposed Online

The Swiss cyberspace, analysed by Dreamlab Technologies, is found to be highly vulnerable due to various unprotected devices, including servers, industrial plants, and routers among others. Dreamlab's CEO, Nicolas Mayencourt, reports discovering 100,000 unprotected routers from a major Swiss internet provider.

At the previous Swiss Cyber Security Days, half a million vulnerabilities, including over 100,000 critical ones, were identified. This year's analysis reveals a staggering increase, identifying over 2.5 million potential vulnerabilities within the Swiss cyberspace. These include not only routers but also web servers, mail servers, and exposed access points to industrial plants and databases. Concerningly, exploiting these vulnerabilities requires minimal technical expertise, with readily available tools accessible to anyone, posing a significant threat.

Dreamlab’s analysis reveals that the financial sector has robust cybersecurity measures in place, whereas research, education, and healthcare sectors exhibit vulnerabilities that pose serious potential risks. Mayencourt attributes this to budget limitations and system complexity, with variations in management practices between federal and municipal levels. Utilising their high-precision cyber radar system, CyObs, Dreamlab measured the vulnerability of the Swiss cyberspace. The tool is also being used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of the United Nations, to identify digital attack surfaces. Mayencourt also noted that, despite the efforts, Switzerland's cybersecurity performance is lacking, ranking 42nd internationally, trailing behind countries like Kazakhstan (31) and Azerbaijan (40), and narrowly ahead of Ghana (43).

He explained the reason for conducting the comprehensive analysis: "We conduct this study to raise awareness among the public and prompt society to take action." He adds that the results are shared anonymously to avoid publicly shaming affected companies or institutions. Stressing the importance of collaboration in cybersecurity, he states, "It's evident that cybersecurity shortcomings require collective attention and resolution. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

More insights into Swiss cyberspace will be revealed at the upcoming Swiss Cybersecurity Days event in Bern. Secure your tickets now: https://online.bernexpo.ch/webshop/209/tickets  

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Swiss Cyberspace : 100,000 Unprotected Routers Exposed Online

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