The Swiss Cyber Security Days are coming to Bern in September 2023

In 2023, the Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will mark its fifth edition with some exciting changes.

 Departing from its usual early-year schedule, the event will now be held in autumn, precisely on September 20th and 21st. Additionally, there is a new venue for the event, shifting from Forum Fribourg to the Bernexpo site located in Bern.

Nicolas Mayencourt, Program Director of the SCSD and CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, expressed pride in turning the capital into Switzerland's cyber metropolis: "Thanks to its proximity to politics and administration, Bern is the perfect location. The cyber topic is of central importance to Switzerland. I am therefore very excited to discuss opportunities and solutions in Bern to build a digitally literate society."

The organisers are expecting a dynamic lineup of distinguished national and international speakers, engaging discussions on current geopolitical developments, dialogues focused on societal issues, research presentations, and an exhibition. They anticipate that this diverse blend of content will successfully bridge knowledge gaps across individuals, society, economy, and technology. Although the specific speakers have not been announced yet, the SCSD aims to facilitate discussions on opportunities and solutions for nurturing a digitally literate society.

Read the full article (German): https://www.netzwoche.ch/news/2023-03-07/die-swiss-cyber-security-days-kommen-im-september-2023-nach-bern

Read the full article (French): https://www.ictjournal.ch/news/2023-03-08/les-swiss-cyber-security-days-auront-lieu-en-septembre-a-berne




The Swiss Cyber Security Days are coming to Bern in September 2023

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