The Swiss Cyberspace: "Stop being naive" - a report from the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2021

During last week’s Swiss Cyber Security Days, Nick Mayencourt and Marc K Peter presented "The State of the Swiss Cyberspace", a keynote based on a full country scan of everything connected to the public Swiss cyberspace.

The comprehensive scan, which consisted of over 20 million IP4 addresses and 2.3 million .ch domain names, revealed more than 100,000 known and documented vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the authors presented Ratspotting, a unique tool used to identify Command and Control (C2) systems. Nick unveiled that the number of C2 servers in Switzerland doubled in 2020 compared to the previous year.

To showcase the current threat landscape of the country and what can happen in just 24 hours in the Swiss cyberspace, Nick presented the findings of Honeykube - a software designed to mirror and expose legitimate infrastructure to “guide” and attract attackers to engage with the honeypot infrastructure, helping to investigate global attack methods, provide evidence to investigators and extract relevant business insights. In just one day, the honeypot registered over 10,000 cyberattacks from 28 countries which ranged from ransomware, cryptominers to brute force attacks.

"Stop being naive when it comes to the cyberspace and our use of modern technologies," Mayencourt said. "Embrace your responsibility." Dreamlab's CEO believes that there needs to be a paradigm shift. "We need to start a discussion about the responsibilities of a digital society and our rights and privacy in the cyber world," he said. "We need to improve dramatically, and we need to do it now, before it's too late."

The Swiss Cyberspace: "Stop being naive" - a report from the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2021

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