Ukraine Summit in Switzerland - Cyber Risks for Federal and SME Sectors

In anticipation of the upcoming Ukraine conference at Bürgenstock, the Federal Office for Cybersecurity expects Russian attacks and espionage.

On 31 May 2024, in an interview with SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Florian Schütz, Director of the Federal Office for Cybersecurity, warned that a Russian hacker attack on Swiss firms or institutions is «very likely and very realistic.» The primary focus is on preventing disruptions to the conference, such as bugging hotel rooms and intercepting communication channels.

Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies, highlighted the imminent cyber threats facing Switzerland. He emphasised that targeted attacks on IT systems are often premeditated, with criminal and state actors gaining access to foreign systems in advance. These pre-existing accesses can be activated when needed, posing significant risks.

Mayencourt advises Swiss companies to enhance their cybersecurity measures in the lead-up to the conference. Simple actions like updating software, checking backups, resetting passwords, and increasing system monitoring can significantly mitigate potential threats.

He warns that Switzerland may already have sleeper Trojans from previous attacks, which could be activated during the conference, leading to substantial disruptions.

For further insights from Nicolas Mayencourt, please click the following link to view the full interview: https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/ukraine-gipfel-in-der-schweiz-konferenz-auf-dem-buergenstock-birgt-cyberrisiken-fuer-bund-und-kmu

Ukraine Summit in Switzerland - Cyber Risks for Federal and SME Sectors

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