Yanina Bettati from Dreamlab Technologies provides the official translation of the NIST normative document

We are pleased to announce that Yanina Bettati, QA Technical Writer Consultant at Dreamlab Technologies, has completed the authoritative Spanish translation with the approval of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the Zero Trust Architecture standards document.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an internationally renowned entity dedicated to developing standards, guidelines and technologies to promote innovation and competitiveness in a variety of areas, including cybersecurity and information technology.

This document is significant as it is a fundamental reference nowadays in the field of infrastructure protection for organizations, in order to improve cybersecurity and information management. This translation will allow greater accessibility and understanding of this important document in the Spanish-speaking world, while facilitating its adoption and application by professionals, researchers and enthusiasts in the field of information security.

In addition, the work done by Yanina Bettati highlights her commitment and expertise in the field of professional translation of technical texts. Her work will significantly contribute to the dissemination of key knowledge in such a crucial area as zero trust architecture and will undoubtedly promote best practices and approaches to strengthen security in digital environments.

We are proud that our team is helping to make the valuable NIST document more accessible and understandable, which will undoubtedly benefit the Spanish-speaking community involved in IT security and information management.

It is worth mentioning that in order to carry out this translation, the participation of the people who collaborated in one way or another with the management, writing, specific terminology and page layout was key: Fabien Spychiger, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies Chile; Javier Toro Rodriguez, Cybersecurity Service Manager, Dreamlab Tecnologies Chile; Stéphane Bürgi, Senior Technical Writer, Dreamlab Technologies Chile; and Celeste Gauna,  Cyberintelligence Analyst, Dreamlab Technologies Chile.

Check out the translated document HERE.

Yanina Bettati from Dreamlab Technologies provides the official translation of the NIST normative document

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