Cyber Insights • November 2023

Dreamlab Technologies presents to you our brand new ‘Cyber Insights’ newsletter – an expert analysis of the latest developments in the cyber domain across the globe. The cyber world is a world full of opportunities, but unfortunately faces new and emerging threats every day.


Metaverse Virtual Real Estate

Von Yamila Levalle, Security Researcher at Dreamlab Technologies

Metaverse real estate are parcels of land in virtual worlds. They are pixels in the most basic sense. However, they are more than just digital images.


Ethereum Smart Contracts Vulnerabilities: Reentrancy

Reentrancy is probably the most famous Ethereum vulnerability, and it surprised everyone when discovered for the first time. It was first unveiled during a multimillion dollar heist which led to a hard fork of Ethereum. Reentrancy occurs when external contract calls are allowed to make new calls to the calling contract before the initial execution is complete. This means that the contract state may change in the middle of its execution, as a result of a call to an untrusted contract or the use of a low level function with an external address. One of the major dangers of calling external contracts is that they can take over the control flow. In a reentrancy attack, a malicious contract calls back into the calling contract before the first invocation of the function is finished. This may cause the different invocations of the function to interact in undesirable ways.


Detecting suspicious *.ch-domains using deep neural networks

Von Mischa Obrecht

We have recently witnessed the advent of artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning technologies, which have led to a tremendous amount of interest from almost every other area of science, technology and business. The area of cyber-security is no exception. It is however interesting, that most security vendors and consultants keep a cloak of silence around specific AI-enabled cyber-security use cases and thus specific examples of how AI and machine learning are used in the context of cyber-security are rather scarce.