Corona / COVID-19 and Cybersecurity in Swiss SMEs

Prof Marc K Peter from Dreamlab Technologies participated in a representative Swiss study on the impact of Corona/COVID-19 on Swiss Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with 4 to 49 employees (n=503).

The study shows that a quarter of Swiss SMEs have already been victims of a cyberattack, the recovery of which involved considerable effort. Of these, a third saw financial damage and 10% saw reputational damage and/or the loss of customer data. On the other hand, there is still a lack of awareness among SMEs that they might become victims of a cyberattack.

The most important technical measures to increase cybersecurity are regular data backups, the use of antivirus programmes, regular software updates and the use of firewalls. Only a little more than a third of SMEs train their employees on a regular basis, only a fifth conduct IT security audits and only a sixth of SMEs have taken out cyber insurance.


Key results:

Cyber​​ Attacks: Incurred damage

Damage incurred in Swiss SMEs through cyberattacks, where considerable effort was required to recover from the damage:

  • 34% financial damage
  • 10% impact on reputation
  • 9% loss of customer data

Cyber ​​Attacks: Successful Methods

Number of Swiss SMEs that have already been successfully attacked using below methods:

  • 18% malware / viruses / trojans
  • 6% online fraud
  • 5% data theft / data loss
  • 5% denial of service
  • 4% blackmailing

Organisational measures to increase cyber security

Organisational measures to increase cyber security in Swiss SMEs:

  • 72% IT support delivery
  • 48% emergency plan / concept
  • 37% training of employees
  • 36% implementation of IT security concept
  • 21% IT security audit

Technical measures to increase cyber security

Technical measures to increase cyber security in Swiss SMEs:

  • 92% Regular data backup
  • 91% use of antivirus programs
  • 89% Regular software updates
  • 85% use of a firewall

The full report (in German) is available on: https://kmu-transformation.ch/digitalisierung-home-office-und-cyber-sicherheit-in-kmu/


For a comprehensive introduction to IT security / cybersecurity for SME, Nicolas Mayencourt and Marc K Peter will publish their practical guidance textbook in February 2021 (in German). Visit https://shop.beobachter.ch/buchshop/arbeit/it-sicherheit-fuer-kmu for further information.



Corona / COVID-19 and Cybersecurity in Swiss SMEs

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