Foundation of the Swiss Cyber Parliamentary Group

On 15 March 2022, the Swiss Cyber Parliamentary Group was launched in Bern with 100 invited guests representing the business, education and public sectors. The open political group, composed of the 6 major Swiss political parties, aims to provide a space for open communication and knowledge exchange on cybersecurity topics impacting Swiss society and commerce. Viola Amherd, Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, and Member of the Swiss Federal Council, opened the ceremony. Head of Swiss Project Cyber Commando, Major General Alain Vuitel, presented the current threat landscape and highlighted the importance of ICT security in information warfare.

Dreamlab’s CEO Nick Mayencourt was invited to participate as an expert in the field, speaking about the importance of wider awareness regarding the topic. “Swiss companies are paying ransoms, making it a lucrative space for cyberattacks and encouraging cybercriminals to continue attacking”. He highlighted that the number of vulnerabilities on the external attack surface has doubled between 2019 and 2021, with over 100,000 critical and known vulnerabilities currently in Switzerland: "Cyberattacks and hacks are not forces of nature and should not be endured [in the same way]," Mayencourt said.

Further information (in German): https://www.inside-it.ch/parlamentarische-gruppe-cyber-gegruendet-20220316 and https://www.nau.ch/politik/bundeshaus/debatte-im-nationalrat-sind-wir-gegen-cyberangriffe-geschutzt-66132232

Foundation of the Swiss Cyber Parliamentary Group

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