SCSD21: Cybersecurity in Swiss SMEs

On the first day of the Swiss Cyber Security Days the focus was on cyber security for SMEs and how to mitigate the risks posed by digitisation.

In a radio discussion for Lifechannel Radio, Dreamlab Technologies CEO Nicolas Mayencourt speaks about the importance for SMEs to have a better understanding of the new threats and to learn how to better defend themselves against malicious cyber attacks.

“With the Swiss Cyber Security Days that’s exactly our aim – to help raise awareness that physical security is just one part of the puzzle. Nowadays, making sure no one enters the offices isn’t the only thing we need to be vigilant of. There is also a need and responsibility to keep data safe. It is a Government’s responsibility to help elevate cybersecurity awareness and keep nations protected.”

Listen to the full discussion here. (German only)

SCSD21: Cybersecurity in Swiss SMEs

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